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America’s Independent News Source.

America’s Independent News Source.This is NCA. News Channel America. We are the nation’s premier headline-driven 24-7 news network. NCA relies on headlines of the day, the latest breaking news, and the live events making headlines across the nation. Headquartered in New Mexico with bureaus in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, NCA is positioned to be America’s leading news network.

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NCA provides your station with the quality news content that viewers demand. As more and more viewers cut the cord – eliminating cable or satellite TV and watching their local TV programming with an antenna instead – your station will be their destination for 24/7 news.

News programming draws in both viewers and advertisers, and as a NCA affiliate, you’ll have access to 4 minutes per hour of commercial time you can sell to your advertisers. If you opt to insert local news cut-ins, you’ll have up to four more minutes per hour of commercial airtime available to local advertisers, providing even more revenue opportunities for your station.

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